In Memory

John Sears Garnett

John Garnett died too young of brain cancer in 1996 in Connecticut, survived by wife, 2 sons and daughter.  John and I played together at age 4, while we each lived on Sutherland Road before attending Sussex School and Byron Jr. High together.  I took over his Cleveland Press paper route, while at Sussex, when he "graduated" to the Plain Dealer. After UVa and OCS his US Army assignment was to run the Officers' Club in Bamberg Germany where he met his wife. I remember when John and I drove his brand new red Alfa Romeo convertible from Bamberg thru Munich and Salzburg to Vienna where he introduced me to his uncle who was US Ambassador to Austria (and who helped me get a visa to visit Vietnam as a tourist in 1970 on my 4 month trip around the world).  John was the consummate "southern gentleman" and enjoyed great success as a banker in NYC and a CFO in CT. - Gerry Lyman

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Joseph G Blake

Thanks Gerry for your kind words about John.

After graduation, I lost contact with John but years later reconnected at a dinner in NYC. We were both members of the Treasurers Club in NYC which sponsored a dinner every month. One night I was listening to a boring talk and noticed John across the room. We connected shortly thereafter. At the time my son was entering UVA and John very kindly sponsored us as guests to use the Farmington Country Club in Charlottesville when we would go to Charlottesville for trips.

He was one grerat gentleman and friend.

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