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06/15/22 02:45 PM #1140    

William L Kahrl

Classmates of 1964: I have been slow in reporting the very happy news that Thomas Young was inducted into the Shaker Heights High School Hall of Fame at a formal ceremony at the Shaker Heights Country Club May 20. My sincerest thanks to the Shaker Schools Foundation and to the many members of our class who joined in supporting his nomination. Kathleen and I had our plans in order to meet Thomas and his wife, Susan Eichorn Young, in Cleveland that weekend. But when we got to the airport in Sacramento we were told our flight had been cancelled. Then, as the hours passed and more and more flights were cancelled or delayed, it became obvious we could not get to Shaker in time for the induction ceremony.

On Monday, May 22, the high school held an all-school assembly to honor all of this year's inductees. You can see a recording of the entire assembly at Thomas' presentation appears at the beginning but I think you'll find the event as a whole to be very gratifying and inspiring. 

Again, many thanks to everyone who supported this effort. And if any of you attended the induction ceremony on Saturday night and took photos, I would love to see them. You can reach me at



06/16/22 10:53 AM #1141    


Neil T Glazer

I reassured Craig Miller that recovery from open heart surgery can initially be slow but within a month or two it will be easier to take walks, sleep, and feel so much better. I had open heart surgery too  and my aortic valve replaced with a (moo) bovine valve and my tricuspid valve fixed. Running 12 full marathons plus 2 triathlons couldn't change my DNA and my father passed on to me the inevitable. Within one year post surgery even the long scar was a fading memory. The only downside of having a cow valve is the overwhelming urge to "graze" when I drive past a golf course or grassy lawn. 

Support from family and friends was the "best medicine " for a quick recovery, notes and phone calls helped considerably. So Craig, be of  "stout heart ". 



06/16/22 01:22 PM #1142    


Craig Miller

Shout out to Neil and all the others who have given me encouragement. But a special thank you to the cardiac teams at the Cleveland VA. They were top notch, working with speed, skill and 100% professionalism. They also coordinate with Cleveland Clinic and University Hospitals to assemble great surgical teams. Not to mention post-op nursing care. I even had personal nursing care provided by the VA. Celina Finch rode shot-gun on my recovery. She kept me honest and on schedule and never turned a deaf ear to any of my concerns.

And what can I say about a daughter who jumped on a plane and flew 4,000 miles from Sweden to be with me for every part of the process. Start to finish. That is family! I treated Cecilia to Lake Erie walleye, perch, and other goodies not available in Sweden. She brought along Swedish chocolate.

I don't recommend open heart surgery to gather family and friends together. There are other, less intrusive ways. But, for Heavens sake, just do it!

I still would like to know if my cow heart valve is from an Angus, Holstein, Jersey or some other breed. I sure hope it doesn't screw up my

Love to all,


06/16/22 05:00 PM #1143    


Alaina Weisman (Zachary)

It's wonderful to hear good news for a change; be it cardiac or musical, so YAY!  I'm happy to report that having turned to studying comedy writing at the start of the pandemic, I am now in a writer's room of an LA live sketch show called This Week This Week and at the ripe old age of 75, TONIGHT my first sketch will be performed. It's called Underground and it's about Ivanka and Jared having to go into witness protection.

06/16/22 07:27 PM #1144    

Cheryl Kushner (Lane)

That's great!

06/17/22 11:59 AM #1145    


Alaina Weisman (Zachary)

Cheryl Kushner Lane, so much to be grateful for, starting with we're still here. Xoxoxoxoxo

06/17/22 12:20 PM #1146    

Judi Bachman (Holtze)

Would love to see your sketch....cant daddy be sent somewhere????  Like on one of elson musks rockets,

06/18/22 11:06 AM #1147    


Betsy Dennis (Frank)

Alaina, you never cease to amaze me!

06/19/22 11:54 AM #1148    


Alaina Weisman (Zachary)

Here's the sketch!

Ivanka and Jared Go Underground by Alaina Warren Zachary - 6-14-22
Ivanka, Jared, Gov’t. Transition Coach
Ivanka and Jared in a nondescript room. A Government Transition Coach holds a check list. Two suitcases sit nearby.
Couldn’t we do Witness Protection
in Belize or Gstaad or Tel Aviv?
It’s a Democratic Administration
now. We can only afford to protect you from Code Name T Rex on domestic shores.
You had to go and piss him off and
now he’s gunning - pun intended - for you.
We’re on the government’s dime here
folks. You’ve been given new identities and I will be coaching you through your transition.
Does this involve facial
reconstruction, because I only use Terry and Paul.
From now on you age.
Ivanka screams.
And you carry your own It-Aint-
Vuitton luggage. Jared screams.
So I don’t have to be Jewish
My zayde Joseph is spinning in his
consecrated plot at Sherman’s Memorial in Flatbush.

My Aryan grandfather Fred is doing
the happy dance at Lutheran All Faiths Cemetery and, BTW, his middle name was Christ. Frederick Christ Trump.
JARED Do not go there.
Before we take you to your new
hidden location, you’ll need survival training. I’ve enrolled you in classes.
I went to Harvard.
I went to Wharton.
Here’s your schedule.
GTC hands them a paper.
How to operate a shopping cart.
How to wait on a line.
How to find your wardrobe at the
Salvation Army Thrift Store. Jared screams.
How to throw a pot luck supper
where someone will bring spray cheese.
Ivanka screams.
We have found you jobs in the
hospitality sector. You are familiar with traveling and accommodations.

Finally, a language I speak.
Please don’t scream again. Pick up
your suitcases and let’s go. Ivanka and Jared look around for help.
Your new identities are Ivy and
Jerry and you manage a motel. Their faces freeze in a Munch-like scream.
DISSOLVE TO: Ivanka stands behind a desk with an old dial telephone. They
wear wigs.
The phone rings. Jared sprays it with disinfectant. Ivanka picks it up.
Welcome to Ivy and Jerry’s Rosebud
muh - muh - muh.
JARED Say it.
She covers mouthpiece.
IVANKA I can’t say it.
Say it. Say it! It’s hotel with an
M. Motel. Say it. She uncovers mouthpiece.
Welcome to Ivy and Jerry’s Rosebud
muh - muh - hotel with an M..... Now under new management. BLACKOUT




06/19/22 03:57 PM #1149    

James Reese

Very funny. Maybe you should be a futurist, as well!

06/20/22 11:28 AM #1150    


Alaina Weisman (Zachary)

Thanks James! I have been a life long writer and performer but focused on studying sketch writing at the start of the pandemic. Never too late to change horses!

06/21/22 03:01 PM #1151    

Joseph G Blake

Alaina, Jim is right. The sketch is great and may we wish that something like that would be their fate. But maybe they could be  sent to work behind the front desk at a Hilton in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Jared has connections there. Ivanka would be hard to identify in a burkah.

I lived there in the 80s and knew the Hilton well. 

I hope you will do more and share them with us. 

And may we all be able to meet again in 2024 for a 60th reunuion.




06/22/22 12:04 PM #1152    


Alaina Weisman (Zachary)

Joe, your attentiveness is remarkable. YOu've been the glue that has mostly held us together!  And thank you for your kind words. It's so crazy to find my niche after all these years.  I am in the writer's room for a live comedy sketch show out of LA called This Week This Week which is part of the Open Fist Theatre.  I am neew to the room which is filled with smart young minds.  They perform every Thursday night in LA and I will get out there to meet them.

The Ivanka/Jared sketch appeared in last week's show with a bit of editing and I submitted two sketches (one in collaboration) for this week's show.  If my Kellyanne Conway skit makes it in, I will post it here for your amusement.

Isn't is remarkable to still feel so grateful fo that handful of teachers who influenced me and were kind?! Mr. Ellis, Miss Paradiso, Mr. Barnes! The best thing to be at 75 is CURIOUS.




06/23/22 10:29 PM #1153    

Joseph G Blake

Thanks Alaina for the kind words.

Actually what you say about curiosity is so important as we age. It helps to keep the grey cells engaged and to energize us. There is always more to enquire about and to know. 

Ironically, Herbert Hoover of Depression infamy lived to be 90 and he told a friend near the end of his life that he was still interested in the future and all it promised. Perhaps it helped that he also lived in New York City where there was always something happening.

Your sketches are a big plus and no doubt the young people there add to the creativity for you. Years ago I learned to avoid the old guys in the YMCA locker room. All they did was complain. Ugh!!  Who needs that!.

I have taught finance as an adjunct professor at a local college. I have had a chance to mentor a few young people and that too is very satisfying to see. Also to hear their expectations is also engaging, I am sure the young staff at This Week do that for you.

I hope you will share a few more sketches with us. Wish we could see them. 

Keep us up to date in this space. 


06/24/22 11:12 AM #1154    

John A Hrones, Jr.

I appreciate your ideas about new things and the future. I have two passions that I pursue - tournament bridge (mostly online these days) where the average age is late 70s - and children's track and field where I direct a 4 season program for 400-600 kids and where I have a staff of 50 teenage counselors with an average age of about 16.  Playing bridge helps the brain from decaying and managing the track program keeps me (somewhat) physically fit and abreast of things important to the teen generation.  I enjoyed seeing some of you guys at the 50th reunion and perhaps I'll make the 60th if one is held.

06/24/22 01:28 PM #1155    


Alaina Weisman (Zachary)

Joseph! Here ya go. This one did NOT make the cut but I am very happy with it: I feel very lucky to have learned that curiousity keeps us here! Cheers!

Deal or No Deal by Alaina Warren Zachary

Kellyanne Conway, Whoopie, Joy Behar, Michael Smerconish, Nerdy, Fair Official, background.
Kellyanne is seated at The View table.
Kellyanne Conway is here to talk
about her book Here’s the Deal. It debuted at #1 in the New York Times Book Review and in its second week has already plummeted to #4. So Kellyanne, what’s the deal?
Kellyanne launches, spewing quickly, unintelligibly and defensively as hosts try to ask questions.
Framis blodgett usursa myfawthy
falemda wee woo lordis flodgett.
Kellyanne, is that smile spray painted on your face? It never
Well Joy, falamatt urby tooleed
arganthula behozing... (she speaks nonsense with a frozen smile and unflappable enthusiasm.)
You need to get your eyes done.
Audience starts to boo.
She is welcome to express her view
here on The View.
Was that directed at me?
AUDIENCE Eat crap and die.

Thanks Kellyanne Conway for this
revealing scree that will never suffer a reprint. Or a tee shirt.
Smerconish on CNN interviews Kellyanne.
Kellyanne, tell us about the first
time you discovered that your husband George Conway trashy-mouth tweeted about President Trump. Where did he sleep that night?
KELLYANNE Smerconish, do you even have a
first name? Bladeedoo ramma delee delaa falemma... etc.
I see I’m getting death threats so
we’re going to have to cut this short.
KELLYANNE (interrupts always smiling)
shmaraggy donoooda relebba... Etc.
SMERCONISH The book is called...
Karrratta bedonk palatta etc.
My first name is Michael and no one
cares about you or your book. I predict your book is going to be shredded to make sorely-needed fertilizer. We need that shit more than this shit.
Kellyanne continues to babble with a frozen smile. DISSOLVE TO:

Nerdy, face-scratching kid interviews her for his college radio station.
Wow. It’s really you. I can’t
believe we got you on the Animal Husbandry Show here on WKKK at Berry College in Mount Berry Georgia, home of the Mount Berry Mall. At this hour.
I wrote a book. Here’s the Deal.
Is it on the curriculum?
KELLYANNE Here’s the Deal.
NERDY What’s the deal?
Kellyanne is seated at a table with several pies. She holds up her book.
Folks mill past the table, ignoring her.
Hi! I’m Kellyanne Fitzgerald
Conway, former Blueberry Pageant Princess of 1982. Former Champion for Packing the Most Blueberries in 1987. I wrote a book.
KELLYANNE Here’s the Deal.
And now you’re the Queen of
Alternative Facts and your Grandad was a mobster from New Jersey.

I thought you didn’t read.
FAIR OFFICIAL Shut up and judge the pies.

06/25/22 10:57 PM #1156    

Joseph G Blake

Thanks John and Alaina for the messages. 


I will always admire people who play bridge or do crosswords. I can do neither. I have known a few wo could do the NY Times puzzle in pen and ink. That skill passed me by,

Glad you both are finding a way to give back and growing in the experience. Keep at it. Poor Kellyanne. She is such an easy target. So glad I am not a celebrity.



06/26/22 03:24 PM #1157    


Dana Shepard (Treister)

Oh my, where to begin, where to begin...

Alaina, I have been in awe of your keen script-writing chops ever since our senior year, when I was honored to receive a draft copy of a play you wrote in 1963 or '64 with characters "loosely-based" on some of the most "memorable" of our SHHS classmates...  which draft copy I returned to you only a year or so ago, when you told me you had no idea what ever happened to YOUR copy of the still-as-yet unperformed script!

I think you have honed your skills even further in the intervening years!

(AND I love the "Baby Alaina" in christening gown in overstuffed chair photo as well...)


Reflecting on how to avoid "acting one's age" at all costs, and keeping one's mind sharp:

1.  My 106 year old cousin Ellen Cooper is my role model, and I only wish I could see her more often!  She lives ALONE in the Watergate apartments in DC, with a housekeeper who comes in once a week to clean. She reads and absorbs the NYTimes and Washington Post daily.  She is totally computer-literate, she emails me well-written and insightful updates and questions; she has no problem opening photos or other links I attach!  (IF only she were a blood-relative and not the widow of my mother's first cousin...)

2.  Joe, I DO do the NYTimes crossword puzzle daily, IN INK - although - full disclosure - often only Mon-Tues-Wed...  truth be told...  But, hey -- it's better than not doing any, right?!

3.  I have been taking ballet class for the past 46 (FORTY SIX!!) years, and not an age-appropriate "ballet exercise for seniors". I take a 90 min Advanced/ Professional class at least 2ce a week, with a pianist in the studio, and a nationally-respected teacher -- where my fellow students are in their 20s + 30s, with some in their 40s!  No, I can no longer do everything the young'uns can, but I am also not prepping to audition like they are!   And it keeps my mind and body fresh to have to be reacting in real time to specific counts and steps.  Also just being with people that age is a breath of fresh air.

4.  I've also been involved on the board and committee level for decades with Joffrey Ballet here in Chicago, and in a lesser way with American Ballet Theatre in NYC.  I've become friends (rather than "acquaintaces") with dancers from both companies over the years - hanging out over lunch or dinner or a walk to the Zoo or going to a performance with my 30-something friends is so different than participating in the same activity with another 70-something!  Even my formerly-young dancer friends who are now in their 50s - totally different social dynamics than my friends in their 70s + 80s!

5.  AND  - last, but for sure not least -- my fabulous family keeps me young - my 47 and 51 year old sons and their same-age wives, AND my 22-22-and 19 year-old grandchildren!

And for good measure, I'm attaching a photo taken of Michael and me Sat June 18 2022 - on our 55th anniversary!

;    ))

06/27/22 11:55 AM #1158    


Alaina Weisman (Zachary)

OH Dana! What a life you've led!  Some of the wonder is your unswerving devotion to ballet.  Brava.  Beginning in March 2020 (beginning of the lockdown) I began studying comedy writing seriously, which is funny all by itself. It has kept me present! And now, I am one of the writers among reallly smart and young ones, for a live revue. So my week now has a shape and my heart beats faster because I have something at stake! Pitching my ideas in front of talented colleagues. We pitch tonight and  I want to write a sketch about RGB coming back to earth as part of the Justice League. She comes back as Wonder Woman and also wakes up her old pal Antonin who, having seen the error of his ways, is now a liberal. He appears as Superman and they bring along Prince as Batman to save us..

06/28/22 11:15 AM #1159    


Betsy Dennis (Frank)

Alaina, I love the idea. And if I remember correctly, RBG and Scalia were friends  


06/28/22 06:50 PM #1160    


Dana Shepard (Treister)

Alaina - RBG and Scalia - in a comedy - I LOVE how your mind works!!  And how rewarding it must feel to be holding your own "in the room where it happens" with the young'uns.  Keep it up!

The SHHS connection I neglected to mention regarding my life on the edges of the world of ballet:

My earliest ballet classes were after school at Lomond elementary - taught by the ballerina-mom of Tracy Marshall, who was a year ahead of us - so it was that after-school teacher who initially ignited that spark.  Then in high school I took dance to fulfill our PE requirement (I probably would have chosen just about ANYTHING that did not require me to throw or catch a ball!)  Truly, I don't recall having any other formal dance classes between Mrs Marshall and SHHS.  So I guess I do owe the initial exposure to the Shaker school system.

06/29/22 12:35 PM #1161    


Alaina Weisman (Zachary)

Betsy - Scalia and RBG were besties. Shopped, went to opera, traveled and their families spend New Years Eve together. They were the "Odd couple" of the SCOTUS.

Dana - as long as I've known you, ballet has been an important focus of your life. I remember seeing y ou on one of your NYC sojourns and you were off to take classes with??? The Joffrey?

Can hardly keep up with the news anymore.  As though we need to wear news shields so as not to be overwhelmed!

06/29/22 12:36 PM #1162    

Joseph G Blake

You always amaze me when I see what you have done these past 50 plus years. The ballet is also a great story. And your cousin at the Watergaye is an inspiration. So much depends on attitude. Was she there in 1972?
Yes Ruth and Antonin were good friends. They both loved opera and frequently went together. She went to the premier of a modern opera with a gay theme but he was not there.
Now for our 60th reunion Aliana's high school script must be performed. Will the former students play themselves?
I was going to add previously that there is an travel ad on PBS as part of the Masterpiece Sunday series. It features a man of Norwegian descent who mentions that his family lived by emphasis on hard work (diligence), honesty and curiosity. Not a bad standard.
Dana, I understand that the Friday crossword is very difficult. My daughter Meredith who some of you read in the LA Times says she too is challenged by it. My mother in law was very good at any word game. Not me. How are all of you doing wordle?

06/29/22 04:11 PM #1163    


Dana Shepard (Treister)

Ha ha - no 106-year-old Cousin Ellen and her late husband were still in Manhattan in 1972!  Moved to DC later to be near their only child. 

And wouldn't it be a hoot, Alaina, to mount the WORLD PREMIERE of your C. 1963/4 play in the actual setting of Shaker Heights, on the occasion of our 60th reunion?!

06/29/22 05:17 PM #1164    

Cheryl Kushner (Lane)

Joe, I do the wordle every day!  Dana, I am so happy to see and hear good things about you!

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