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01/12/22 11:55 AM #1095    


Alan L Farkas

I would like to underline Joe Blake's recent praise of Bill Stern. In my view, Bill was one of the most outstanding members of our class. Joe is right to note Bill's campaign to champion our class ring. He brought such creativity and drive to this campaign that it should come as no surprise to us that he went on to such a successful career in advertising. And as his obituary suggests, he was much more than just a successful businessman. I am sorry that our paths never crossed after graduation, but I am happy to learn that he lived a full life, albeit cut way too short. Here is the link to his obituary from his temple's website: 

Alan Farkas

01/12/22 03:06 PM #1096    


Dana Shepard (Treister)

Thanks, Alan, for adding the link to Bill Stern's obit.  I also remember Bill as a "good guy" in high school for sure.  Having read in the obit that  'Bill was responsible for many iconic advertising tag lines such as "Every Kiss Begins With Kay"...' - I will never again hear that earworm of a jingle without thinking of Bill!

Way too many classmate obits these days - I also remember Elayne and her sister Arlene, otherwise known as "The Senser Twins", who neither looked alike and who had very different personalities.

Thanks to our Cleveland classmates for keeping us informed, even with this sad news of deaths~

And, please everyone else, STAY WELL~

01/12/22 04:10 PM #1097    


Dana Shepard (Treister)

OY, how awkward my SHHS AP English teachers just rolled over and groaned in unison...!

Please scratch "who neither looked alike and who had very different personalities.", and replace with this:

"... "The Senser Twins", who neither looked alike nor shared a single personality.  "

And, may I add, my deepest sympathy to Arlene~

01/12/22 05:27 PM #1098    


Alan L Farkas

From a friend in Cleveland who knew Bill Stern well, I received the following explanation of the circumstances surrounding his untimely death. It is a cautionary tale. Stay safe, everyone.

"He and his wife were down in Florida. I believe they have a winter place there.

They were out for dinner, he stood up, got lightheaded, lost his balance or fainted and fell backwards.  He hit the back of his head very hard. He was conscious as the ambulance took him to the hospital.  I don’t actually know if it was a few hours later or the next day… but I think he slipped into a coma, they determined there had been some brain damage because of the fall and impact to his head.

He was on life support for almost a week when they realized nothing could be done.  Took him off life support and he peacefully slipped away that day."

01/13/22 02:11 PM #1099    

Brenda Siegel (Cohen)

I also attended Moreland, K-12 and it was a given that each year there would be a Senser Twin in your class.  I was friendly with both   As Dana said the two were very different.  Arelene accompanied her mother to my dad's funeral in 1996 and we spoke briefly.  I haven't seen Elayne since high school where both girls were in my homeroom. 

My mother was friendly with Frances Senser for most of her adult life.  I see from the obit that Frances Senser is still alive at 100 years of age.  A wonderful long life but losing a child is would be overwhelming.

My sympathies to Arlene and her mother. 

01/14/22 10:03 AM #1100    

Stewart M Flate

Very sorry to hear about Elaine.. Went to Woodbury with her.

01/14/22 11:36 AM #1101    


Evie Fertman (Braman)

Hi, everyone!  I'd like to keep up with our In Memory page and I'm asking for your help.  Anytime you hear of someone in our class who has passed away I would appreciate your letting me know so I can add the name and our class will know who we have lost.  My cell phone is 216-288-4506, only the administrator has access to making changes on the list.  The list is very user friendly, when you click to access the list you can click on either the names in alphbetical order or on the year that they died and you can switch back and forth as you choose.  Thanks, I appreciate any help that I can get and I know that we all consider this to be important.

01/14/22 12:52 PM #1102    


Evie Fertman (Braman)

Hi, again!!  I just read a death notice sent to me by Brown Forward Funeral Services for Elizabeth Peterjohn, born in 1937 and died on January 9 of this year.  Wasn't she one of our teachers?  It says that she moved to Cleveland (after graduating from college in 1959) to begin her lifelong career at Shaker Heights High School.  It also said that it was there that she met her husband of 58 years, Dick Peterjohn so it sounds as if they both taught there.

01/15/22 06:19 AM #1103    

Dick Margulis (Margulis)

I had Dick Peterjohn for, um, I think seventh grade science (may have been a different year) at Woodbury. (You can imagine how well that name went over with junior high boys.) When I got to high school, my English teacher in tenth grade was Miss something-or-other (Gallagher, if I recall correctly). After Christmas vacation, she was Mrs. Peterjohn.

01/15/22 12:08 PM #1104    

Margery Lynn Perlberg (Rapport)

I wondered where the Senser twins ended up.  I remember playing mah jong with them on Saturdays.  I'm playing the game once again, and I still enjoy socializing and trying to win those quarters.  

Hello Dick Margulis.  Glad to hear from you.  I don't remember those teachers at all.  I had Mrs. Smith at Woodbury.  I believe I had her for both 7th and 8th grades.  

01/15/22 04:18 PM #1105    


Evie Fertman (Braman)

Bill Gerak just reminded me that Carole Saul (Smith) passed away fairly recently.  I looked up her obit and found that she died in May of 2020 and I put her name on the memory list.  Thanks, Bill.

01/15/22 05:44 PM #1106    

Marc Chizek

Sorry to read about Carol. Knew her from elementary school. 

01/15/22 09:35 PM #1107    

Cheryl Kushner (Lane)

I loved the twins. We were friends from kindergarten and on at Moreland. Love to Arlene.

01/16/22 01:12 PM #1108    

Judi Bachman (Holtze)

Remember Carol well.  Lovely girl

01/16/22 01:38 PM #1109    

Stuart Math

Here's one of the Senser twins (I'm afraid I don't remember which one) in first grade at Moreland, 1953, 2nd from the left in the top row.

01/16/22 06:38 PM #1110    

Leslie M Levit (Friedman)

Hi Stu--I was in that class, too. I'm stunned by how many people I can still name!

01/17/22 12:13 AM #1111    


Dana Shepard (Treister)

Leslie~ I saw Stu's Moreland photo before I saw your response.  Scanning those little faces, I immediately identifed you as top row, 4th from L - was I right?! And I went to Lomond, so didn't even know you at that age.

01/17/22 12:56 AM #1112    

Brenda Siegel (Cohen)

I have a copy of the photo and there are names printed on the back.  I can't read the teacher's name, perhaps Mrs Fass? 

Making the names out best as I can, starting with the top row, right to left as you look at the photo -- Milton Golenberg, Kenneth Verbic?, John Feher, Annette Kovalski, Leslie Levit, Virginia Percy, Arleen Senser, Sharon Whitman

Jackie OBrien, David Katz, Sheldon Kelman, Michael Welky

Walter Leipold, Howard Falcovich, Danny Volk, Stuart Math, Ellen Friedman, Gerald Spector

I was not in the photo.  Also missing, Lesley Hanford (Dormen), Susan Hurd

01/17/22 11:51 AM #1113    


Lesley Dormen


Hi Everyone,

I see so many faces as familiar as my own. Leslie and Ellen and Howard F and Stuart and one of the Sensor twins and Sheldon K. and Milt G and darling Virginia Percy who was "new." Who was the teacher and where am I?  Another first grade class, I guess. Miss Hosford (young and pretty) was my teacher, then she got married and/or pregnant and left. Devastating. Who took over that other class? Who taught this one?  We learned to READ!  










01/17/22 12:31 PM #1114    

Stuart Math

More of the Moreland cohort in Kindergarten.

01/17/22 04:02 PM #1115    

Leslie M Levit (Friedman)

Hi Dana! I was at Moreland (living on Lindholm) until third grade and then Lomond (on Winchell.) 

01/18/22 01:49 PM #1116    


Alaina Weisman (Zachary)

Hi Moreland pals! I'm the chubby one in the top row!  I always marveled at Ellen Friedman Smith's adorable dress and isn't that you, Stu Math in the cowboy shirt?  I also marveled at why my mother would have dressed me in a  stretch belt.

01/18/22 09:46 PM #1117    


Dana Shepard (Treister)

Alaina:  I never would have identified that girl in the middle of the top row in the kindergarten photo as you!  "You've come a long way, baby!"

Stu:  I am guessing you are the serious little boy in the front row, surrounded by a bevy of kindergarten beauties,rather than the cowboy, right?

Can't tell you what fun this is, looking back at "the way we were" -- SEVENTY years ago!

Thanks for posting~

01/19/22 12:24 PM #1118    


Alaina Weisman (Zachary)

Dana! You're the only person in our class who hasn't changed a whit!

01/19/22 12:27 PM #1119    

Stuart Math

I am in the front row. The kid in the cowboy shirt next to Alaina in the top row is Milton Golenberg.

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