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Sharon Anderson

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02/14/14 09:10 PM #1    

Carol Schaffner (Maxwell)

I'm so sad to learn that Sharon has died.  On weekends when neither of us had a date, she would pick me up in her mother's Caddy, we'd stop at a convenience store to buy a pack of cigarettes and we'd cruise around listening to the radio.  Very worldly for HS girls!

Times like this, I get all woo-woo and think about Sharon and Diane McCormick running around together in heaven just like they did in Shaker.

Does anyone know when and how we  lost Sharon?

Carol Schaffner Maxwell



02/15/14 07:29 AM #2    

George Justin Ely

Dear Sharon died many year ago due to complications giving birth. She was in a coma for years afterwords and never recovered. Very shortly after high school I / we lost four wonderful ladies, Sharon, Linda Krammer, Pam Hopkins & Diana McCormick

02/17/14 02:36 PM #3    

Cynthia J Kowan (Rubin)

This is very strange...I had moved to Chicago in 1971 and somewhere around 1977 I was reading my Chicago Tribune and there happed to be an article about about a girl named Sharon Anderson from Shaker Heights, Ohio who had died while delivering her baby (and I think the baby was OK).  I remember being shocked that I would be reading this in a Chicago newspaper and naturally assumed it had to be our classmate.  I never followed up because I wasn't a close friend of hers and, because it was so long ago, I don't remember all the details.  I would also like to know if anyone can confirm this.    

02/17/14 02:43 PM #4    

Cynthia J Kowan (Rubin)

George - Thank you for confirming (I posted my comment before reading yours).  I don't think the article said she was living in Chicago or if her husband was from Chicago and couldn't figure out why it would have been in the front section of the Chicago Tribune.  I will just never forget the shock of reading that article.

02/18/14 07:16 AM #5    

George Justin Ely

Cynthia, Sharon was an Eastern Airlines flight attendant and probably was living  there at the time. The baby did live but poor Sharon remained in a coma for several years in the County Hospital near Northfield.

02/19/14 07:40 AM #6    

Roger F Classen

Sharon's son grew up and became maybe even a PhD in oceanography I believe.

I communicated with Sharon's mom a couple years ago and her sisters.

Diane McCormick was my cousin and the three of us had great memories together and look forward to catching up with them in heaven where they are having great time together. But not too soon.

roger classen 64

02/19/14 10:30 AM #7    

Lesley Dormen

I think of Sharon from time to time.  Our parents were friends, and I can remember being 13 or so, at a party at her house, dancing outside on the patio. (The song "It's Twilight Time" has attached itself to the memory.)  I think Sharon was living in St. Louis with her husband when her son was born. It's still unfathomable that we lost her so young...but every loss is unfathomable now. Lesley Dormen 

02/20/14 10:20 AM #8    

Myrna Passov (Eglin)

I have been reading all the comments about Sharon. My son Eric went to Hawken with her son Eric Dubinsky.

My son recently moved to Oakland California and reunited with Eric. Eric ( Sharon's son) is married with two children and living in Berkely California.

Myrna Passov Eglin

02/20/14 11:27 AM #9    

Cynthia J Kowan (Rubin)

George - Thank you for providing the missing piece to the puzzle.  I read the other comments and was so happy to hear about her son.   

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