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04/13/21 08:55 AM #1065    


Phyllis Hammer (Gubanc)

Thanks for sharing this article. And I didn't realize ... or had forgotten ... that you live in Chicaco! My second favorite city. After Shaker, of course. ;-) My husband is a Northwestern alum and my best friend, who now lives in Colorado, and I meet in Chicago for visits. So I get to Chicago often. Something about that city...can't really explain it. But I love it!

05/07/21 05:08 PM #1066    


Evie Fertman (Braman)

I'm sorry to have to be the bearer of bad news yet again, but we have recently lost Pat Theisen Cornell and John (Jack) Thalman. 

05/08/21 10:49 AM #1067    


Betsy Dennis (Frank)

May their memories be for a blessing. Unfortunately we are at that age...... Stay well all! Mask up and get vaccinated. Betsy

05/08/21 11:26 AM #1068    


Alaina Weisman (Zachary)

Yes, Amen and blessings upon them.

05/08/21 12:37 PM #1069    


Phyllis Hammer (Gubanc)

Evie, thank you so much for keeping us all up-to-date. I'm so sorry to read of these losses, and I'll keep them and their families in my thoughts.

05/12/21 08:22 PM #1070    

Terry J Tucker

It is with sadness that I provide an update on the passing of Pat Theisen Cornell in late January, 2021 during a routine medical procedure.  She was married to Edward P. Cornell who graduated from Shaker in the class of 62.  They had 3 children, Joseph, Carl and Pamela. and 4 grandchildren.  Pat earned degrees in Sociology and special education and was very involved in her childrens and grandchildrens lives.  Pat was an advocate for survivors of domestic viollence as well as a teacher of special needs students in her career.  Pats kindness, patience and compassion were evident to everyone with whom she interacted.  She made the world a better place and will be missed tremendously.  Private services will be held due to covid. Celebrations of Pat's life will be held in Cleveland and Fort Wayne, Indiana with burial in Pensacola, Florida at a later date. Anyone who would like to be notified of the final arrangements can e-mail with their contact information.

05/22/21 09:21 PM #1071    

Joseph G Blake

I recently read about the passing of Joan Tener. 

Here is her obituary.
She was born in Cleveland in 1929. I wondered if anyone might have known her  when she was a teacher at Shaker.
The obituary noted:
Prior to her career in finance, Joan taught English, Latin and Spanish at Brush and Shaker Heights High Schools as well as at the Laurel School. In 1972, after becoming a certified financial planner with three years of employment at a national brokerage, she joined Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner and Smith at their offices in Cleveland, Ohio where she became the brokerage's first female Assistant Vice President, advising international investors regarding worldwide investments for twenty years. Her speaking engagements were numerous and she was celebrated as a trailblazing female financial executive, among the first women in high finance nationwide. She spoke at various venues including the Union Club, The Cleveland Chamber of Commerce and other major business organizations, before which she was among the very first female presenters, stoically undeterred from her career goals.

07/12/21 10:31 AM #1072    


Paul Wasserman

This morning........I took my early morning walk and meditation, a little after sunrise, here at Copacabana Beach. Today I paid tribute to my Friend Tommy Fuerst. He fought the good fight and will surely be missed. RIP

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07/13/21 08:26 AM #1073    


Betsy Dennis (Frank)

Paul thank you for this beautiful reflection. 

07/13/21 12:12 PM #1074    


Evie Fertman (Braman)

As Paul Wasserman has written on this Forum, Tom Fuerst died on Friday, July 9.  He had been battling a numbef of health issues for many years and seemed to be doing all right.  I keep checking the Berkowitz Kumin Funeral website for inofrmation on a possible gathering in his memory, either in person or on Zoom but nothing as yet has been entered.  I'll update this Forum about Tom when I learn something useful.

07/13/21 03:59 PM #1075    

Marc Chizek

There will be a Memorial Service for Tom on Sunday, July 17 at 2:00. Service will be held at Berkowitz, Kumin Funeral Chapel.

07/14/21 12:24 PM #1076    

Judi Bachman (Holtze)

I will be there i spirit...

07/15/21 11:03 AM #1077    

James R Krause

Tommy and I called each other cousin because we were almost that. When his mother's parents died in the Spanish flu epidemic she was taken in by my father's family and raised with them. She was always Aunt Freema, and he was for practical purposes my cousin. I will miss him dearly. 

07/15/21 12:55 PM #1078    


Evie Fertman (Braman)

Berkowitz Kumin has published the information that you will need to have if you want to attend Tom Fuerst's funeral.  It will be on this Sunday, July 18, at 2:00.  For those who are interested but cannot attend, the instructions given on the BK website are to go to at 2:00 on Sunday and scroll to the Fuerst obit, then scroll to "join live" then click on join live stream.  You can go to their website for these instructions if you have an issue getting on the live stream.

07/23/21 11:09 AM #1079    

George Justin Ely

Please add Doug Heinlein  passed away 02/10/2016 to the Memory section.

Thanks Buzz Ely

07/31/21 09:21 PM #1080    

Joseph G Blake

I wanted to share an interest with you all- the Shaker Heights Community Rose Garden.

It has been located in the Onaway area near Woodbury and many of you may recall it. It is now nearly 100 years old. There are two links here which will tell you more.

1. Here is the FB page which includes pictures of its current gardens,

2. This link tells you more about its history and development.

I have long been a rose enthusiast. I planted my first garden when I was a teenager. I just expanded my garden here. Not long ago I discovered that the Shaker garden is a charity (501 c) and able to take donations. I made a donation and wanted to do more. Hence I hope you will excuse offering the information about the garden and how to support it. As most of you know I am an ehusuatic advocate for almost everything in Shaker even of I have not lived there since 1979. 

If you would like to make a donation as I have please send the domation as follows. 

Shaker Heights Community Rose Garden, c/o Nikki Evans. 2680 Landon Road, Shaker Heights, OH 44122-2006. 

The SHCRG does not have its own web site to make a donation directly.

Thanks for your patience and I hope you can help them. 

Joe Blake


08/10/21 10:24 AM #1081    

William L Kahrl

Earlier this year, I asked the members of the Class of 1964 to join me in nominating Thomas Young to the Shaker Alumni Hall of Fame. Many responded with calls and letters to the Shaker Schools Foundation endorsing this effort. I learned this week that we've been successful and our classmate will be inducted into the hall later this year.

I'm writing to express my thanks and congratulations to all of you who helped make this happen. Thomas Young's extraordinary achievements in the world of music speak for themselves. But it's wonderful that so many of you took this opportunity to speak on his behalf as well.

The Foundation currently plans to conduct the induction ceremony at a dinner November 13, which will follow an Assembly at the high school the day before. Those plans could change depending on the pandemic. But whenever this happy occasion takes place, I will hope to see you there.















































































































































































































































































08/11/21 09:26 AM #1082    


Dana Shepard (Treister)

My pleasure to have been a co-nominator!

09/13/21 11:20 AM #1083    

Joseph G Blake

A little late but may I wish all our Jewish classmates a Happy New Year. May we all have a better year than the last 18 months.


09/13/21 04:41 PM #1084    


Betsy Dennis (Frank)

Thanks Joe!

10/27/21 12:00 AM #1085    

Joseph G Blake

Two items 

In 2014, when we had our 50 th reunion, there were group pictures taken by elementary schools. I wanted to know if anyone has a copy of the Fernway group picture. Someone asked me if I had one but I do not. Let me know if you have one and could send a copy.

Second item is a question or invitation.

As we all get near the 19th hole in life, what things, events or persons are you most grateful about? 

I will offer a few- my  4 great kids and 8 grandchildren and their mother who was the indispensable parent, all the places in the world I have been able to visit or live, Mr Burnett, and many other great adults I knew in Shaker as kid who helped shape me and are still so vivid in memory. 

10/27/21 06:47 PM #1086    

Paige Fields (Hoebel)

If anyone has the elementary school photos taken at the 50th class reunion in 2004 please post.  I would really like to see the Malvern photo and I see that others are looking for their elementary school photos taken at our reunion.  Thanks!

10/28/21 10:10 AM #1087    


Dana Shepard (Treister)

And I would love to see any 50th reunion pix anyone might have of the LOMOND SCHOOL group! It was such fun to reconnect with that cohort!

10/28/21 02:57 PM #1088    

Judi Bachman (Holtze)


Agree with Dana..would love to see them.

Hope everyone ok over there...

01/10/22 06:17 PM #1089    


Betsy Dennis (Frank)

Just saw in Cleveland Jewish News that William Stern passed away. I think he was in our class. 

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