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12/14/18 05:39 PM #835    


Lesley Dormen

Hey, where are my Park Synagogue pals? I just told my 13-year-old grandson how I never did learn to read Hebrew (shout out to Rabbi Ganuth at Temple Beth El) and in order to be confirmed at Park, persuaded Lauren Brahms to pretend she was me and take the reading exam. No one was the wiser. Hi Cheryl Kushner, whom I remember with great affection, as I do Patty and Betsy and Stewart (okay, I sort of remember you, Stewart). I’m a fiction writer and essayist, Jon Meyers, widely published in literary journals and major magazines and anthologies, with a story collection from Simon & Schuster. Revising a novel now. Proud to be part of the old lady literary collective. We’re all said to be writing “coming of death” novels. And why not?  Missing my giggling at Friday night services chum, Lauren Wyse, whom I met up with in NYC a long long time ago.


12/14/18 09:02 PM #836    


Betsy Dennis (Frank)

Lesley, Are you coming to the 55th reunion? BTW, the red door is gone from your house on Lomond. We drove by there in October. Betsy

12/15/18 11:53 AM #837    


Lesley Dormen

Betsy, I’m so glad that red door is gone! I don’t know about coming to the reunion. Makes me sad but we’re away in August and it’s tough to coordinate travel. If I finish my book, maybe I’ll give myself a treat!  Hope all is well with you, my friend.. 

12/15/18 12:51 PM #838    


Alaina Weisman (Zachary)

I'm jumping in after semi following recent conversations! Mea Culpa for the long absence.

I was a Temple on the Heights attendee and did get confirmed.  OMG all those parties, gifts, and thank you notes.  My family gave a hayride and many of you were there.  There STILL are photos to prove it. Marc Bieber was a Temple friend as well as SHHS.  His mother roped me into doing shows at the Temple and I so recall being very very sick and still Mrs. Beiber would not let me out.  At least my 2 piece suit with my mother's crystal necklace was good..  And then there's Florence Shapiro School of the Dance memories.  I was not in the cool Saturday group. Fridays and I think, Leslie Dormen ? , did we carpool and do the Draeger's thing?  

In addition to acting and teaching, I too have been writing all my life.  I"m published mostly as features for local papers, the occasional book review, some poetry, and in recent years a bit of playwriting.  A screen play took a top state prize and on my plate now is a sit com I've written as an homage to quirky New Mexico.  The pilot is finished and next up is filming a teaser.  I am very active as an actor here in surprisingly busy New Mexico with tv, film and theatre; all rooted in the drama program with Mr. Barner way back when!



12/16/18 09:10 AM #839    

Stewart M Flate

To Lesley,


Did we have a class together? Your name sounds so familiar, but I am at a loss to know from where.



12/16/18 09:11 AM #840    

Stewart M Flate

To those going to the 55th.  Someone please inform me what are the dates and the venue.



Stu Flate


12/23/18 11:01 AM #841    

Joseph G Blake

Here is a list of my favorire Christmas movies on TCM the next few days. All times are EST,

Here are a few favorite Christmas movies coming up on TCM you may enjoy or want to see again. 
4pm Christmas in Connecticut  (Barbara Stanwick in a sympatheitc role)
8pm the Bishop’s Wife

545pm it happened on Fifth Avenue
2pm Mr Blandings Builds His Dream House (if you ever built a home  you will apreciate this one)
345pm Topper (not Christmas but Cary Grant as a gjost with great old cars notably the customized car Topper drives)

Wednesday is a day of Cary Grant movies

And sorry they are all Black and white

01/03/19 06:31 PM #842    

Judi Bachman (Holtze)




Does anyone have neil glazers tel nr????  Will be in indio this weekend and would like to make contact...

Nr, i have in san diego 619 343 7561...

03/12/19 02:28 PM #843    


Evie Fertman (Braman)

I'm very sorry to have added Anne Carter to our list of classmates who are no longer with us.  I remember her as a girl who always had a smile for everyone.

I've tried to put the link to her information on the In Memorium Page, if it doesn't show up I will post another messge with it.


04/01/19 04:17 PM #844    

Barbara Newmark (Kruger)

Kruger at bnkruger@784

Wondering who is living in South Florida either fulltime or Snowbirds. Would love to have a

Reunion at Terri Greenstein Kurit’s house. Contact Barbara Newmark Kruger



04/01/19 06:01 PM #845    


Evie Fertman (Braman)

Hi, Barbara,

If you would like me to I can email you a list of everyone in our class who is living in Florida.  It's all in the Shaker Heights Directory which is newly published!  Graduates are listed alphabetically, by class, by location and by profession.  Let me know, you can call or text me at 216-288-4506.


04/01/19 06:02 PM #846    


Evie Fertman (Braman)

More information coming tomorrow about our Cleveland 55th Reunion, August 2 & 3, 2019!!


04/02/19 12:22 PM #847    


Marianne Coplan (Schapiro)

Hello everyone--I would love to include some kind of choir "reunion" for the August event. I'm thinking we could at least sing "The Lord Bless You and Keep You," and maybe one other song--I could try to send links to where you could purchase or download the music. I've also suggesetd to Evie that she look into having a piano  (maybe just a portable electric one) at the venue (or hotel, or whatever.) 

Cheryl Kushner told me at the last reunion that she'd love to sing with choir members again. I'm pretty sure Richard Bloomfield would participate. Who else would be interested?

Cheers to all--Marianne Coplan Schapiro






04/13/19 11:46 AM #848    

Joseph G Blake

Hope I did not miss the details about the 55th reunuion this summer.

I have booked time for a talk about the development of Shaker Heights at the Shaher Heights Public Library on Saturday August 3, 2019 at 2 PM. This is the same weekend as the reunion. I gave the talk at the Shaker Library in 2017. Some classmates heard it. I did my thesis in college about ot. Its now on line at the Cleveland Legacy Project. Here is the link if anyone is interested to read it.

Hope to see many of you this summer at the reunion.

04/24/19 03:38 AM #849    


Evie Fertman (Braman)


Here's what you need to know!!  The price for Friday and Saturday nights (August 2 & 3) is $125, the same as the last reunion. The cost of Friday night alone is $70 and the cost of Saturday night alone is $65. Please make the checks out to Evie Braman and mail them to me at 696 Azalea Drive, Cleveland, Ohio 44143.  We neeed cash for downpayments so an early payment would be much appreciated by your Reunion Committee.

Friday night will be the night with the bigger dinner and a cash bar. The bar will only be taking cash unless they have changed their policy.  We will meet at 6:00 at Pinstripes, on the second floor.  Pinstripes, 111 Park Avenue, is a new restaurant located at the north end of a new shopping center called Pinecrest, located off of Harvard just north of 271.  There is an elevator down the back hall and valet parking across the circle in front of the restaurant.  Their phone number is 216-415-8010.  An easy way to get there is to take Orange Place south and turn in the entrance across from Bahama Breeze.  The parking lot is behind the restaurant.

Saturday night we will meet at 6:30 at Play, 5900 Mayfield Road, in the old unrecognizable Mayland Theater!  The entrance to our party room is on the right (south) side of the building and marked "Theater"  and the parking lot is right there.  There will be lots of great food available during the evening and a cash bar.

We have a group rates at two Beachwood hotels.  The Homewood Suites, 216-464-9600, 25725 Central Parkway and The Marriott Courtyard, 3695 Orange Place, 216-450-3303.  Check them out and see which one suits you the best, be sure to mention that we have rooms blocked out for the Shaker Class of 1964 Reunion for your great discount.

Your Reunion Committee has put together a great list of things to do and places to go in your spare time.  Please email me,, if you would like a copy, Just put "Saturday List" in the Subject line and I'll email you a copy back. Joe Blake will also be giving his talk at 2:00 at the new Library (the former Moreland school) on Shaker Heights and the Vans - I've heard it and it's an excellent introduction to the financial empire of the Vans and the railroads they owned - including our own Shaker Rapid.  Joe will tell you how they developed Shaker Heights and you'll see a slide show of some of the houses - maybe your own!!

We're happy to hear from you with any questions and we're really looking forward to a great weekend!!

Evie and the Reunion Committee


04/25/19 09:40 AM #850    


Marianne Coplan (Schapiro)

Hi Evie--

First, FYI, it took me ages to find this message on this site. It would be great if there were a "search" option on the site and I could just find your posts by searching your name.

Second, I had put up a notice a few weeks ago about a having a little choir reunion within the celebrations this year. I had asked you (or thought I did), whether there could be a piano so we might gather and sing a couple of songs. Is that a possiblity? Do either of these two venues have or have access to a piano? (It could even be a small, portable electric one, I imagine.) I have had a few positive responses to this idea, and I would love to be able to pull off a small "reunion" within a reunion. Is it possible to get an additional small room (with said piano) for choir folks to meet for say 30 minutes?

And, perhaps there are other groups--sports, clubs, etc--that might want to do a similar special interest session? 

Also, can you enlighten us at to the character of each of these celebrations? Aside from the size, will there be a particular focus or theme of each party? Will there be any kind of presentation, official photos, etc? Is one of them more informal than the other?  

Thanks for any information you can provide for any of these questions!--Marianne





04/25/19 12:01 PM #851    

Gene (Skip) Schwerin

Thanks Evie.

04/25/19 09:42 PM #852    

Joseph G Blake

For all who plan to attend the reunion in August, I will be doing a talk at the Shaler Library as alreasy noted by Evie.

It will be 2PM on Saturday August 3. The room will be large enough for at elast 100 people.

I promise not to disappoin. The title is "How the Van Remade the Face of Cleveland. "4

Thanks for your time and interest.

Joe Blake

04/26/19 12:48 PM #853    


Jonathan Meyers


Very much looking forward to your talk!



04/27/19 06:55 AM #854    

Judi Bachman (Holtze)



good to get some info. Thanks

Eviemdo,u have a hotel,price for thursday?  Flights from europe arrive late afternoon east coast time.  Need a day to recover.   Or even make it with connections from point of entry.  

Also what time is the dinner on friday.     

Amazed u still ask for checks!  Would think bank transfer would be a lot easier.  No running to the bank or waiting for checks to clear. the US must be the only country in the world that still  uses them!  I have some somewhere....  

Really hoping to make it.   But flights were mostly sold old two weeks ago... and return flights even worse, this is the peak of the tourist season.   Fingers crossed.  And i do hope to see everyone. 

04/28/19 02:46 AM #855    


Beverly Parries (Rideout)

Sorry for delay in posting this, but we lost another class member. Veronica Pratt (Pierce) passed away on March 9 2016 at the Beachwood Pointe Hospice. We were best friends since 9th grade at Woodbury and shared the same birthday. We got together regularly whenever I was in Cleveland up until just prior to her passing. Her obituary was posted in The Plain Dealer on March 16th and 17th, 2016. I do plan to attend the reunion -- not positive yet, but hopeful.

04/28/19 04:22 PM #856    


Dana Shepard (Treister)


Thanks for posting the very sad news of Veronica Pratt's death.  Do you by any chance have an obituary to share for Veronica?

04/28/19 05:25 PM #857    

Alan M Cohen

My wife passed away March 10. I am sorry ffg or the loss. We are getting older.


04/29/19 09:35 AM #858    


Betsy Dennis (Frank)

Alan, I am so sorry! May her memory be for a blessing. Yes as we get older, loss is more frequent. Betsy

04/29/19 11:56 AM #859    

Jeffrey D Woolf

Hi Alan,

I am very sorry for your loss.  May her soul be bound up in the bond of eternal life.



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