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10/25/17 08:31 AM #709    


Phyllis Hammer (Gubanc)

When I was a teenager, I thought that if I never saw Cleveland again, I'd be totally content. Now, every time I return to Cleveland, the sense of "coming home" is overwhelming. And, I admit, along with that "being a Clevelander" thing comes the heartbreak aspect of our sports teams. Ah, well....maybe next year. I live outside "Cowlumbus" now, and I sometimes wonder if my jaded attitude towards the Ohio State Buckeyes might be part of what's cursing the Indians and Browns. I swear, if Ohio State had beaten Michigan on 9/11, *that* story would been above the fold on that day with the events of 9/11 featuring ... maybe ... on page 2. ;) Ok. Maybe a bit of an exaggeration...but not much!

10/25/17 08:19 PM #710    


William K Dickey

Joe, thanks for the post.  I try to explain this very thing to folks, but no other city can really understand because they have not gone through such a long drought over 5 decades across all major league teams.  I guess you have to experience it to understand.  The Buddhist concept of all life is suffering help!  Bill

10/26/17 05:43 PM #711    

Patricia Ann Richards (Armstrong)


Thanks, Joe!  I remember so clearly chewing bubblegum like crazy, (fortunately Crest toothpaste came on the market just in time) to get Cleveland baseball cards - my favourite was "Early Wynn" - LOVED that name.  And the fact that the gum came in those big rectangles made it even more desirable.  The transcript of your talk is a treat awaiting me this  weekend.

Best wishes as aye...Patty Richards Armstrong







10/27/17 08:19 AM #712    


Phyllis Hammer (Gubanc)

I had such a crush on Rocky Colavito. And Gary Bell. I suppose that I wanted the Indians to win, too, but my crushes were far too important to worry about such trivia and that. ;)

10/27/17 01:55 PM #713    

Christine Adler (Phillips)

Thanks, Joe, for posting your article. Even as a Californian for many years, I still have a sweet spot for the Indians, Browns, and Cavs! Although folks here can't believe that I don't root for the Lakers, Clippers, Dodgers, Angels, or the many iterations of the Rams!!

On another note, I wonder whether we could plan our next reunion - 2019 I hope - for some other month than August, which is not known to be the best Cleveland weather month. ;-D  How about May, June or October? Much better weather then... Just saying....

10/27/17 02:18 PM #714    

Judi Bachman (Holtze)

Agree with chris about august.  Not just cleveland weather but it is the height of the tourist season and plane prices much higher...from europe and across the states.

Not a baseball fan but my father was.  Remember him taking me to meet bob feller. There is a tv series called no place like home..based in cleveland and the early days of baseball. Interesting.

10/27/17 04:54 PM #715    


Betsy Dennis (Frank)

My father traveled with the Cleveland Indians as a radio engineer with Jack Graney and Jimmy Dudley. I remember meeting many of the ball players. When I was a child I met many of the ball players. 

10/28/17 02:01 PM #716    


Patricia (Paige) Fields (Hoebel)

Cleveland is most beautiful in May and October.  Why not take advantage of our home town when it is at it's best?  That's my two cents worth.


11/22/17 08:21 PM #717    


Betsy Dennis (Frank)

Saw this on FB. auction of Shaker street signs.

11/30/17 09:20 AM #718    

Joseph G Blake

IN re Street Auction and Lucille Burkett RIP

1. The Shaker Schools Foundation is auctioning old street signs. If you want to buy your old street name you can go to the web site here.

Its relativley easy. The site wil take you to the auction. You can find your street name and will probably find that there several signs available for each street. Longer streets with more interesections will have more signs.

You can buy yours now for $125 plus shipping if you do not live in Cleveland. You place a bid (minimum $35) and see what happens. Like an ebay auction it also allows you to place a mimimum bid and max bid. 

You can now afford to buy South Park. Or whatever street you thought was your ambition to have.

2. On another note, Lucille Burkett, former Girls Physical Ed instructor at the high school circa 1964 has died. I seem to recall she wore an engagement ring for her former finacee who was killed in WW2 and she therefore never married.

Here is the obituary link:!/Obituary

12/01/17 01:41 PM #719    


Alaina Weisman (Zachary)


Joseph Blake, to the best of my memory, she was engaged to a soldier who died in the Korean War, not WW2.  She wasn't that old!

Health and happy holidays to each and all.  I had my annual hit n run to Cleveland for Thanksgiving and part of the pilgrimage is to Chagrin Falls which never fails to please!


12/02/17 12:15 PM #720    


Dana Shepard (Treister)

' 64 Gristmill - p. 47 - Miss Burkett  looks exactly the same as the person in the obit photo - same smile; same hair style.  Just "a litttle" older.  Looking at that yearbook  page, I mostly remember Mrs. Eichenbaum, our dance teacher ...

12/02/17 01:17 PM #721    

Joseph G Blake

Chagrin Falls really reminds me of a movie set for a Hallmark Movie Channel. I suppose in some ways its the way Shaker was in 1955. 


03/09/18 02:26 PM #722    


Evie Fertman (Braman)

We are planning our 55th Shaker Class Reunion for the weekend of August 2 (Friday) and August 3 (Saturday), 2019.  We're adding a brunch at a hotel on Sunday from 8:30-11:30!  Come for coffee, come for brunch, the choice is yours and so it the bill as the meeting on Sunday is not in the ticket price!  Please keep this added event in mind when you plan your trip home.

The Committee is getting enthusiastic - the Reunion isn't so far in the future anymore!!  Save the dates and join us for another great time!!!






03/10/18 12:11 PM #723    

Joseph G Blake

Evil, if you think there is enough interest I will be happy to do the Vans and Shaker presentation when and where you think  fit.

Dates in my calendar.

All the best





03/10/18 12:34 PM #724    

Judi Bachman (Holtze)




Am curious why you pick dates when airbfares, both international and domestic, are at their highest. It is still the peak of the tourist season.  Also cooler in september/ october....grandkids back in school.... since this is still 17 months away might be worth thinking about.

Like joe’ s idea.  Wasnt able to make his last presentation. 


03/10/18 04:00 PM #725    


Betsy Dennis (Frank)

I would love to see Joe's presentation.  August is best month for me.  Betsy

03/11/18 12:04 AM #726    


Evie Fertman (Braman)

Hi, Judi and everyone else!!   I had done some research before the date was chosen for the 50th Reunion and found that early August was the most popular time of the year in the survey of 50th Reunion classmates from all over the United States.  There are a lot of people who still work (or are working again!) or are doing serious volunteer work and they find that early August is the easiest time to get away.  The scheduled Reunion activities are all inside and most of the places that classmates would visit during their free hours are also inside so heat shouldn't be a problem.  


03/11/18 08:33 PM #727    


Phyllis Hammer (Gubanc)

I'd love to see Joe's presentation, too! And that time sounds great! 55 years, huh.....One question. The August 2 is on Thursday. Did you mean August 3 and 4? Friday and Saturday?

03/12/18 12:09 AM #728    


Ruth Ann Shehan (Rinto)

Hi Evie,

Count on Dave Gilliss and me to help with the reunion.  The first weekend in August in 2019 works for us.  Should give everyone time to save the date and find cheap flights!

03/13/18 10:03 PM #729    


Evie Fertman (Braman)

Thanks, Ruth Ann and Dave!  I've appreciated your input!  And for those of you who don't believe that the Reunion is definitely August 2 and August 3, Friday and Saturday, check out 2019!!!  


03/13/18 10:12 PM #730    


Evie Fertman (Braman)

Joe, that's great that you want to give your talk again the weekend of the Reunion.  My suggestion is that you contact Ware at the Shaker Historical Society and see if you can't do it there again.  It would be fun for our classmates to see the building and you could also upen it up to the community.  I would be happy to put it on our list of possible things to do on Saturday afternoon which will be made available to all of our classmates. If that doesn't work out for us you could try the Shaker Library.  Most out of towners haven't seen the "new" library which is the old Moreland Elementary School.   Bertram Woods, the library across from the Middle School (known to us a Byron) might be another possibility.  Please let me know what arrangements you make.


03/14/18 09:01 AM #731    


Phyllis Hammer (Gubanc)

August 2 and 3, 2019! Looking forward to it. And if there's any way I can help ... even if from "Cowlumbus," please let me know.

03/14/18 10:07 AM #732    


Dana Shepard (Treister)


I for one am so appreciative of the ADVANCE notice you have given us - I think you began sharing this date about 2 yrs ahead August 2019.  And - at this moment at least - that weekend looks clear to me.  So much fun reconnecting with my Lomond School classmates at our 50th -- a full 60+ years after we all met as kindergartners; in addition to renewing bonds with high school teen buddies.  Thanks, Evie, for taking this leadership, so we won't have to wait a decade to do it all again.  And - as we have discussed - happy to assist however I can from Chicago.


03/14/18 01:21 PM #733    

Joseph G Blake


I am happy to do the talk again. I would recommend some place bigger than the SHS. The space is limited and parking is also limited. Last year we could easily have had more than 60 people and some came on the day and could not stay for lack of seating. 

The library is an interesting suggestion and I presume they mght have space for a larger group. Would you let me know the locations of events on August 2 and 3 next year when it is decoded? Then we know the schedule and the logistics issues and can plan accordingly. I do not live there but I have had several conversations with interested parties. The Shaker Country Club is also possible location.They have hosted events like a talk previously and we had our reunion dinner there. 

It should be a location without space limtiations and that can be accessible to our classmates and other interested attendess. And of course in Shaker Heights.


Joe Blake

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