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10/01/19 03:54 PM #883    


Betsy Dennis (Frank)

Just saw in the Cleveland Jewish News that a  Ron Simon passed away. From his profile on this site, it appears he was in our class.  Betsy

10/02/19 12:34 PM #884    

Joseph G Blake

I checked the yearbook and there was a Ronald Simon in the class.

There were a number of Simons in the class including Jeff and two Roberts.

I guess Simon is the equivalent of Smith or Jones in our class.


10/02/19 07:49 PM #885    


Alaina Weisman (Zachary)

Ronnie Simon who just passed was my next door neighbor on Morley.  His older brother is Jeff Simon, a SHHS grad as well as Lynn Marus Shapiro, my neighbor on the other side of our house.  Hw WAS our class mate and Cousin to Bobby Simon who enjoyed TV popularity on one of our local TV show.  Ronnie was a charmer with great hair.  Lovely gent.


10/03/19 01:33 PM #886    


Evie Fertman (Braman)

Ronnie Simon had been battling cancer for a long time.  He was definitely in our class and one of those people who everyone liked - he was smart, he was funny, he was kind and he had a smile for everyone.  He left a lot of friends in our class.



10/04/19 09:28 PM #887    

Stewart M Flate

By chance was this the Simon that married Michelle Maureen?

10/05/19 10:36 AM #888    

Lawrence M Fields

No. Ronnie's wife is Karleen. Originally from Youngstown. For the last several years Ronnie and Karleen lives in Tampa.

10/05/19 06:05 PM #889    

Joseph G Blake

Dear Classmates

As most of you know I gave a talk at the Shaker Library August 3 at the time of our reunion.

At the time the talk was videod thanks to the assistance of classmate Jack Thalman.

Many of you attended. I have since given the Library two DVD copies of the talk.

Today I completed the process of loading the talk on to YouTube. Link follows.

Title: The Vans Remake the Face of Cleveland

Here is the link for those who may have missed the previous talk. Or are eager to hear it again (haha).

The talk is around 1 hour and 45 minutes. If you would like a copy of the PowerPoints used in the talk to follow along, please let me know and I will email you a set. My email address follows:

Thanks again to all those who came. If anyone has a question please contact me.

10/09/19 03:16 PM #890    


Evie Fertman (Braman)

I'm very sorry to report that Mike Bonfils told me this afternoon that Roger Classen has died.  I'm so glad for the opportunity to have seen him once again at our August Reunion this year.  When I hear more details I will post them.


10/10/19 07:37 AM #891    

George Justin Ely

I am very sad to report that we lost a wonderful, kind, generoue man, Roger Classen. Roger died 10/06/19 of an apparent heart attack in Boca Roton Fl. Roger will travel back to Cleveland for a funeral at St Dominic's church on November 2, 2019, additional details will be in his obituary this Sunday 10/13/2019.Please send your thoughts and prayers to his wife, Debra and the family. I will miss Roger very much.

Buzz Ely

10/11/19 10:49 AM #892    

Stewart M Flate

Sorry to hear about Roger, but I am glad you are all right.  Buzz were you the person we use to kid about taking off for the Jewish holidays?

10/11/19 01:42 PM #893    


Evie Fertman (Braman)

Thank you, Buzz, for the details concerning Roger.  


10/11/19 03:29 PM #894    

Sue Corsi (Stanton)

I am so sorry to hear about Roger.  I enjoyed talking to him and his wife at our last reunion.

10/11/19 03:49 PM #895    


Patricia (Paige) Fields (Hoebel)

Two really nice guys from our class gone in such a short spans of time.  Very sad!  My sincere sympathies to their family's and long-time friends from SHHS.

10/12/19 03:28 PM #896    

Joseph G Blake

A friend sent me this link from the Washington Post.

The trail blazing suburb is Shaker Heights and how it has faced the challenge of integration since 1960. Its an excellent summary of the developent and history but also focuses on current issues and controversies.
Its well worth your time and interest.

10/12/19 04:39 PM #897    

Joseph G Blake

I should have added to the previous posting two items.

The author of the article is Laura Meckler who was a graduate of Shaker Heights High School. She lived on Scottsdale. She knows the community from chidlhood.

Liewise the article mentions John and Dorothy Pegg. They were the first balck residents in Ludlow in the late 1950s. When my wife and I were first married we rented a carriage house apartment from them (1977-1979) when they lived at 15800 South Park. They were a lovely couple. Dorothry lived until age 104 and was an active supporter of the Cleveland Institute of Music until her death. She attended a board meeting a few weeks before er death. She was a generous benefactor of CIM.

10/13/19 12:40 PM #898    


Patricia (Paige) Fields (Hoebel)

Joe, Great article from the Washington Post.  I would really like to share this article with my Malvern friend, Darlene but do not have any idea how to possibly download it so that I could email it to her.  Is there any chance that you might be able to forward it to her on my behalf?  Darlene Talley Collins email is:  I will email her and suggest that she look for an email from you as it will probably go into her junk/trash mailbox.  If you can send it directly to me I am happy fo forward it onto Darlene.  Paige -




10/13/19 01:50 PM #899    


William K Dickey

Thanks Joe. Excellent article!  

Over the past year, I have been exploring/reading a lot of history of our “race problems”, ever since randomly finding and reading a book from the Shaker Library:

 “Waking Up White:  And Finding Myself in the Story of Race” by Debby Irving.  Highly recommend it.  

One small thought (of many questions) that the Post article raises for me is:  why do so many people believe that Equity and Excellence are exclusive of one another?  May the struggles continue to reveal our own biases which are ingrained in us.

By the way, did you anyone else see the credit/reference to our classmate Stuart Math for the video of Reuben Harris from  Stuart’s documentary film in 1997?



10/14/19 08:38 AM #900    


Betsy Dennis (Frank)

Thanks for posting a most interesting article. So much has been accomplished and yet so much is to be done. 

10/14/19 11:36 AM #901    

Joseph G Blake

Yes Paige I will do that when I get home this PM
If I forget send me a reminder at

I will copy you both.

And yes Bill I did notice Stu Math as the producer of the film with Reuben Harris. I knew him in the mid70s but when we moved overseas I lost the connection.


10/14/19 02:07 PM #902    


Evie Fertman (Braman)

The funeral for Roger Classen will be held at St. Dominic Church in Shaker Heights at 11:00 on Saturday, November 2.


10/14/19 05:45 PM #903    

Stuart Math

Bill, thanks for reading credits.

10/21/19 08:19 PM #904    

Joseph G Blake

The Washington Post has published another article about Shaker Heights High School which adds additional information about course options. Se linl below. Its worth your time,


11/05/19 09:40 AM #905    


Arthur Charles Scott

A Two-Man 50+ Year Reunion

Just back from my trip to Bouchercon-The World Mystery Convention, an annual event I've been attending since 1976.  This one was in Dallas, and as it was the 50th Anniversary of the con, it was a Big Deal.  But it was especially so for me, as I had talked Steve Schwartz, fellow denizen of Mr Brown's homeroom and my best friend from Shaker, to come over from his home in Austin for a reunion. We'd last seen each other a couple of years after graduation, and had had only sporadic phone and email conversations since.  Steve and I did A LOT of catching up on each other's last half-centuries in three days!  Steve and his wife Kay had a great time at their first mystery convention, and plan to come back; let's hope we'll be doing this again for years to come.  A joyous and memorable weekend for me.


11/05/19 10:43 PM #906    


Marianne Coplan (Schapiro)

Looks like you two had a great time!

11/06/19 09:01 PM #907    


Kathryn J Toth (Zschokke)

Steve,   I remember our romance in "Bye Bye Birdie".... have we changed!  I'm happy to see your enjoying life  in our more mature years.  Seeing your picture brought back great memories. Stay healthy and keep happiness in your life.

Kathy Toth 













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